Wednesday, November 17, 2004


I am interested in recording my learning as I work towards familiarisation of a number of online pieces of software. I am hoping with the self-knowledge of how I , as an mwalimu - Swahili for teacher/practitioner - in adult education learn I will be empowered to develop my understanding of how I learn and other African learners learn, africentrically, using the virtual world of the internet. By way of contrast to Africentricity, I will focus on two other learning theories, behaviourism and constructivism. Afrocentricity is a simple idea comprising of two works, Africa and centrism and means placing the African phenomena, ideas, activity or event at the centre of the Africentric enquiry. In the adult learning envirnoment Africentricity is an innovative and emerging learning theory. I am hoping by introspecting and reflecting on my learning as a mwalimu in the British adult education context I will use my self-knowledge to develop understandings about how I learning using digital technologies.